Directions To Haeundae We Guest House


From Haeundae station No.5 exit, in the direction of the beach along the sidewalk on the right approx. 250 m walk at the corner when it comes to Baskin Robbins (BR, icecream specialty stores). Turn right and go straight approximately 200m further to Wow Motel, and Turn right and go about 30m further to We guesthouse.

Directions To BNB Busan Guesthouse Seomyeon


Beomnaegol Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 5.
From the exit, go straight for about 30m.
(Before Seven Eleven store) At the Medical Bomin Pharmacy (메디칼 보민약국), turn right and then go straight for 50m.
At the dead end, turn right and then go straight for 20m.
Turn left, cross track (범천로12번길, written on the blue street sign).
Go straight 20m until you arrive at Seomyeon Dongil Suite (서면동일스위트) on the left.
BnB Busan Guesthouse (BnB Busan 게스트하우스) is at no.801 (8th floor) of 102-dong (Building No. 102).

Directions To Apple Guesthouse


From the subway station:
Nampo subway station exit 2
Walk straight along the main street for about 3 minutes
If you look up you should be able to see the sign for Apple Guesthouse
Walk inside the building. There is an elevator in front of Toms and Toms entrance.
Head to the 5th floor.

Across the street near BIFF is a plaza filled with literally hundreds of shops and restaurants. Streets can be found lined with stalls filled with either merchandise or street food. At night, bars open up and people crowd the streets making it one of the hottest spots for young adults in Busan.

Apple is located between Nampodong and Jagalchi subway station.

1. KTX or one of the slower trains (total 10minutes)
Busan Train Station –> Busan Subway Station –> Nampo Subway Station
(For those who love to walk, simply exit Busan Station, make a left and walk for 45 minutes. Look for North Face/Toms & Toms Coffee. We are on the 5th floor.)
2. Ferry (ship) (total 5minutes)
International ferry terminal –> Jungang Subway Station –> Nampo Subway Station
3. Gimhae airport(airplane) (total 60minutes)
Airport Limousine Bus (direction to nampo dong) –> Hotel Phoenix –> Cross the main street and make a left. Walk for 2 minutes and we are on your right. We are located in the North Face/Toms & Toms Coffee building on the 5th floor. Elevator is located inside.

Directions To 24 Guesthouse Haeundae

24 guesthouse haeundae

Airport Bus :
You should get on the‘Haeundae’or‘Haeundae no.2’airport bus at Gimhae airport.
Please get off at Novotel Ambassadors Hotel’ station and cross the crosswalk to‘A Twosome place’building
Keep going straight about 5min, you can find NH Bank. Please cross to the opposite side.
If you find the‘Thursday Party’,please come in the building. 24guesthouse Haeundae is 4 Floor!

You should take a‘Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit’at Gimhae airport
Please transfer to the line no.2 (Green)at ‘Sasang’station. Come out exit no.5 at‘Haeundae’ station and go straight about 150m.

Directions To Blue Backpackers Hostel


1. Come to Seomyeon Subway station(Line1 and 2 junction. No19).

2. Get out of the exit to Lotte and Hotel.(Just next to Lotte

3. Turn left just after Lotte Hotel.

4.Walk straight about 100m(around 5mins.or less) to GS25 on the left side and Hotel 42st on your right side.

6.Turn right to the tunnel after Hotel 42st.(It is on your right side)
7. Pass through the tunnel.

8. Turn left after passing through the tunnel( CU convenience store on your left side).

9. Keep walking straight the street to the end of street(70m or less).

10. You will see a blue building with yellow colored hostel signboard in front of you, just opposit of the small street you walk from.

Directions To Pobi Guesthouse

pobi guesthouse

-From Haeundae Subway Station
Emerge from #3 exit and go straight until you find the Haeundae Market (500m).
After finding the Haeundae Market, turn left and continue to the end of the street and turn right.
You will see the yellow sign board of Pobi Guesthouse on the left.
It takes about 7~10 minutes walk from the Haeundae subway station.

-From Haeundae Beach (Tourist Information Center)
If you are in front of Tourist Information Center, cross the road and turn right, walk straight and then turn left if you see Audi Car Dealership (across the street from the Novotel Hotel).
After about 100 meters, you will see the yellow sign board for Pobi Guesthouse on your right side.

-From Busan Station

Subway (About 48 min./ 1,400 won)
Take Line #1 (towards Nopodong) and transfer to Line #2 at Seomyeon Station and
get off at Haeundae Station, use exit #3.

#1003 Bus (About 50 min./ 1,800 won)
Take the #1003 bus (express) in front of Busan station.
Get off at ‘Haeundae Spa Sageori’. (next to Haeundae Beach)
Cross the road so you are on the same side as the Audi Car Dealership. Walk up the street away from the Novotel Hotel for one minute and Pobi guesthouse is located on the right side, 2nd floor with yellow sign board.

-From Busan Bus Terminal

Subway (About 90 min./ 1,800 won)
Get on the subway at Nopodong Station on Line #1 and transfer to Line #2 at Seomyeon Station and then get off at Haeundae Station.

-From Busan Airport

Limousine Bus #2 (About 90 min./ Adult 7,000won/Child 3,500 won)
Get off at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel Airport Bus # 2.
In front of Novotel you can find Audi Car Dealership beside there is a road come inside.
You can find the yellow sign board (Pobi guesthouse) at your right side.
Buses come every 20 minutes. (Tel. 051-527-1004)
(first bus leaves the airport at 07:05, and the last bus is 21:05)

Subway (About 90 min./ 1,900 won)
Take Purple Line and transfer to Line #2 at Sasang Station and
get off at Haeundae Station and use exit #3.

Bus #307 (About 2hr/ 1,800 won)
Get off at the ‘Haeundae Market’
You can find Pobi guesthouse on your left hand side.

Taxi (About 80 min./ 22,000 won ~ )
Do not take an illegal taxi. Legal taxis have yellow license plates.