How To Go To 40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street

40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street

The ‘40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street‘ is a 450m-street which starts from the Jungang-dong branch office of KB Bank and runs to the 40-step stairway of the ’40-step Cultural Center’ and continues on to the Palseong Tour.
The time-honored 40-step stairway embodies the joys and sorrows of refugees and those displaced by the Korean War. The entire area has been recently renovated to reflect life in Korea in the 50s and 60s and is expected to become another major tourist spot.

The ’40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street’ was designated ‘The Best Street’ by the Busan municipal government in June 2004.

How To Go There:

From Seoul Station, take the KTX for Busan (5:30am-10:30pm, departs every 30 min / est. travel time of 3hrs). >> Get off at Busan Station, take the Busan Subway Line #1 for Jungang-dong. >> Get off at Jungang-dong Station and exit through Exit #13. >> Walk in the direction of the Gwangsan Hospital (5 minutes).