How To Go To Busan Cultural Center

Busan Cultural Center

Busan Cultural Center is one of the representative cultural arts institutions in Busan and hosts a diversity of concerts, dances, plays, and other performances. It boasts international conference facilities and is a center of operations for seven different metropolitan arts organizations including the philharmonic orchestra, traditional orchestra, chorus, dance company, theater company, philharmonic youth orchestra, and the boys & girls chorus.

Reflecting the traditional architectural style of Korea, the Main Theater has been built to resemble a ‘Bonchae’ (the main building of a traditional house), while the Medium and Small Theaters resemble a ‘Sarangchae’ (typically, the men’s quarters of a hanok). The structure of the center highlights the traditional beauty of Korea and seeks to capture the powerful spirit of the nation. Hosting over 1,000 exhibitions & performances throughout the year, the Busan Cultural Center strives to preserve the country’s culture while promoting local art forms from various regions of Korea.

How To Go There:

Seoul Bus Terminal (Subway Line 3) or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Subway Line 2)
Take the bus to the Busan Bus Terminal
Go straight for 100m
Take the subway to Seomyeon Station ( Busan Subway Line 1)
Transfer to Motgol Station and take Bus 138
Get off at Busan Museum and go straight for 100m

Bus 38: 04:30 – 22:05 (9-min intervals)