How To Go To Busan Songdo Beach

Busan Songdo Beach

Located a mere 3km from downtown Busan, Songdo Beach is a popular escape for the area’s city dwellers each summer. Opened in 1913 as Korea’s first official beach, the beach was named “Songdo” (meaning “Pine Island”) in reference to its bordering groves of pine trees. The beach began to gain popularity in the 1960s for its graceful coastlines, but was damaged by frequent hurricanes and subsequent sand loss. Starting in 2000, the beach underwent a comprehensive 5-year reconstruction and reopened with restored and expanded coastlines and the addition of several fountains.

Songdo Beach is particularly beloved for its romantic summer night view and as host of the popular Busan Sea Festival and spirited Hyeonin Singing Festival. Nearby attractions include Busan’s famed Jagalchi Seafood Market and Amnam Park.

How To Go There:

Busan Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 7.
Take Bus 17, 26 or 61 and get off at the entrance of Songdo (송도입구).

Jagalchi Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 2.
Turn left at the corner, go straight 50m and cross the street to the bus stop.
From the bus stop (충무동교차로), take Bus 7, 26, 71, or 96 to Songdo Beach.