How To Go To Eulsukdo Island

Eulsukdo Island

Eulsukdo Island is located 7km to the west of Busan City Hall. Located in the lower Nakdonggang River estuary, Eulsukdo Island was once the largest seasonal bird migration site in Asia, with perfect conditions for seasonal birds including a field of reeds and water plants, and ample fish and shellfish for birds to feed upon.

In 1983, construction at the river’s estuary submerged about half of the reed field on the island, reducing the amount of bird habitat. In 1996, the island was designated as Natural Monument #179. Despite the past environmental damage, Eulsukdo Island remains a paradise for hundreds of thousands of birds and is known as a beautiful tourist attraction around the world. It is an amazing sight to see rare species of birds like white-naped cranes, spoonbills, and white-tailed eagles as they arrive and spend the winter.

How To Go There:

Take Local Bus 58, 58-1 or 58-2.
Get off at Eulsukdo Island Rest Place bus stop. (을숙도휴게소; Eulsukdo Hyugeso)

Hadan Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 5.
It is located within 15 minutes walking distance of the station.
Or, transfer to Bus 58, 58-1 or 58-2 to Eulsukdo Island Rest Place.