How To Go To Hurshimchung


Hurshimchung Hot Springs is a new type of tourist zone that aims to improve the health of visitors through the power of comfortable hot spring bathes, relaxation, and physical training. Established during the citywide renovation of Busan in October 1991, Hurshimchung Hot Springs has a capacity of 3,000 people and covers approximately 4,297.54m², making it one of the largest hot springs in the East. There are around 40 different baths in the main hot spring area such as the Longevity Bath, Hoemok Bath, Cheongja Bath, Cave Bath, Outdoor Bath, and Event Baths, which combine hot spring water with oriental medicinal elements and seasonal herbs. Guests can also choose one of the recommended bathing courses according to their age, health concerns, and/or personal preferences.

How To Go There:

Oncheonjang Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 3.
Hurshimchung is located behind the Home Plus Building.
At the back of the building, turn right onto Oncheonjang-ro 119beon-gil Road.
Go straight 150m to arrive at Hurshimchung (허심청) on the left.