How To Go To Igidae Park

Igidae Park

Igidae Park faces Jangsanbong Peak which is included in Yongho 3-dong. After passing one hill between Yongho Sewage Treatment Plants and Igidae, the east side where the peak (225.3 m high) can be seen has picturesque scenery, created by uniquely shaped rock cliffs, but it is too dangerous for tourists to visit. Therefore, visitors can take a ship in order to enjoy the scenery. The center of Igidae looks almost flat and seems to be leaning against the mountain which is linked to the sea for about 2km. The scenery including waves crashing into the rocks is fantastic and the area is also a suitable fishing spot. The area was used as a military operation area so civilian access was prohibited until 1993.

How To Go There:

Choryang Station (Busan Subway Line 12), Exit 12.
Walk 63m, take Bus 27 and get off at Igidae Ipgu Bus Stop. (16 bus stops away)
Cross the street and walk 1.08km toward the park.