How To Go To Oryukdo Skywalk

Oryukdo Skywalk

The regional name in olden times for the area of Oryukdo Skywalk was “Seungdumal” (승두말), as the shape resembles a saddle, and it was originally called “Seungduma” (승두마) as well as “Jallokgae” (잘록개) by residents and women divers.

The construction of Oryukdo Skywalk finished on September 12, 2012 at the Seungdumal area which is regarded as the dividing point between the East Sea and the South Sea and started operating on October 18, 2013 with the theme of “Walking over the sky”.

Iron columns were set up over a 35meter height-coastal cliff and a 15m-glass bridge comprised of 24 glass plates and shaped like a horse’ hoof are connected on the iron columns. The bottom glass was specially produced with four attached 12 mm-glass coated with a bulletproof film that has a thickness of 55.49 millimeters, making the structure quite safe.

Visitors will be thrilled with the view of waves while looking down through the transparent floor. The splendid sea stretches out ahead of the skywalk, perfect for a great photo as well as the best spot to see Daemado Island on sunny days.

How To Go There:

From Busan Station, take Bus 27 near Exit 10 of Busan Station (Busan Subway Line 1) and get off at Oryukdo SK View Humun (Backgate) Bus Stop. (25 bus stops away)
Walk ahead about 275m to reach the destination.