How To Go To Suyeong Sajeok Park

Suyeong Sajeok Park

Suyeong-gu of Busan is a historical district nestled between Geumnyeonsan Mountain and Gwangalli Beach. It was the site of the Gyeongsang Jwado Marine Headquarters during the Joseon Dynasty. In fact, its name ‘Suyeong’ was derived from ‘Sugunjeoldosayeong’, meaning ‘marine headquarters’.

The Suyeong Sajeok Park was established in commemoration of the spirit of the Suyeong residents. It is designed to show their maritime lifestyle.

How To Go There:

Suyeong Station (Busan Subway Line 2 or 3), Exit 3.
Go 75m on Suyeong-ro Street(수영로).
Turn left onto Suyeong-ro 705beon-gil Road(수영로705번길).
Go 95m, and turn left.
Go 370m to arrive at Suyeong Sejeok Park.